Securing your PayPal Account via 2FA

Kavella’s affiliate payout system is automated using PayPal Payouts.

We recommend setting up 2 Factor Authenticator to secure your PayPal account and make it virtually un-hackable! Here’s PayPal’s article on 2FA. 


Here’s a little bit about these 2 options:

2 Factor Authenticator through the Google Authenticator App
The most secure option is to set up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA for short) using a Google Authenticator app. Through this verification app, it is impossible for anyone to access your PayPal account without also having your cell phone in their hands. Your secure pins rotate every few seconds, making it impossible to hack.


Here is a quick video that explains how Google Authenticator works if you aren’t familiar. They use securing an email address as the example in the video.

When setting up Google Authenticator, you will be given a long security key in case you ever cannot access your authentication codes. You will need to print this long security key out and store it in a safe place so that you can retrieve your Authenticator app if your phone was lost or stolen. Also if you get a new phone, you will want to set up the new app and transfer the data BEFORE wiping and getting rid of your old phone.


2 Factor Authentication via Text Message

While 2FA via an Authenticator app is the most secure option for ALL of your online accounts (because the code rotates every few seconds), you can also chose a simpler method. The more simple way to use 2FA for PayPal is to have PayPal simply text you a code whenever you try to log in. That pin will be good for one hour. When you go to log in to PayPal, you will need to enter that code or else you cannot sign in.


To choose either of these options, log in to your PayPal account, hit the gear icon and enter Your Profile. Login and Security is the first page you will see, and the 2 Step Verification setting option link is there.


We hope this was helpful! You can set up 2FA for virtually all of your important accounts online, not just PayPal, but also your bank and credit cards, and even your email addresses, Amazon and Facebook!

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