Kavella’s Brand Story

Ashley’s Story

Kavella was founded by Ashley Feinberg, a licensed cosmetologist and animal rights enthusiast. She attended a cosmetology school that used “luxury” professional hair care products and quickly became fascinated by the chemistry behind them. She began obsessively researching ingredients, and the more she learned about the chemicals she was using every day, the more disturbed she became by their potential toxicity. Even worse, she learned about the animal cruelty that went on behind the scenes of these brands.

She decided to create formulas to use on her own damaged hair. (Because every stylist knows, cosmetology school is when you learn that hair is not invincible to lightener, and then more lightener, and then even more lightener!) She discovered certain plants and plant-derived ingredients could help specific hair problems. Through a great deal of trial and error, one of her experiments worked. After 2 weeks, her hair stopped breaking and gained back its elasticity. Her scalp became healthier, and she finally loved the way her hair looked and felt.

After three years of being made by hand, Ashley’s formulas are now created in small batches at a certified organic lab in Southern California. Kavella is carried at boutique, conscientious salons that offer the highest quality, cleanest products to their clientele.

Ashley Feinberg - Kavella Hair Care