All About Silicones

All About Silicones


Kavella Hair Care uses silicones in moderation to greatly benefit the hair without causing build-up or breakage. The problem with silicones is that many brands use them as the entire solution for hair. They use high levels of silicones in all their conditioners to mimic the benefits of natural oils; however, they need to make stronger, harsher shampoos to balance it out. If the shampoo is not strong enough to remove the excess silicone in the conditioners and styling products, buildup occurs. Our silicones are used in carefully chosen amounts to ensure that the hair is getting only the benefits and none of the buildup. Silicone helps the hair in many ways, including heat protection, adding slip to reduce breakage during brushing, adding shine and protecting the hair from everyday stressors.



Our favorite silicone is amodimethicone. Amodimethicone is an amine-functioned silicone that does not like to build up upon itself. Instead, it creates the desired protective layer while the rest of the amodimethicone washes away easily. The second silicone we use in even less of our products is dimethicone. We have added dimethicone in our Moisture Mist as well as a small amount in our Moisture Conditioner. Dimethicone is in our Moisture Mist to ensure proper heat protection. Because the mist is sprayed in a light layer over the hair, the perfect amount of dimethicone is desposited to protect the hair. This thin layer is easily washed away with any of our three shampoos. The small amount of dimethicone in our moisture conditioner helps seal in the natural oils of Abyssinian, Jojoba and Shea, which all come before the dimethicone on the ingredient list.



Oil can do wonders for your hair! They can tame frizz, moisturizing from the inside out and protect hair from damage. But oils aren’t the best at protecting hair from heat styling. Heating up an oil past its smoke point essentially boils the oil into the hair. (More about boiling the hair later). Blowdryers aren’t supposed to reach temperatures over 140 degrees F, so many oils, such as those in Kavella’s Oil Treatments, are great for blowouts! The oil will seal in moisture so that the hair doesn’t get as dried out – and therefore damaged – from your blowout. But if you are putting a 450 degree flat iron on your hair… you need to be using products formulated for heat protection.

So, let’s talk about the function of silicones. Silicones get a bad rep. People associate silicones with built-up, weighed-down hair. But this only happens when you are regularly using products that are high in silicones and don’t properly remove them. (An example would be a hair serum made up primarily, or completely, of a silicone blend and never clarifying the hair to remove all of this excess!) Effective, professional hair care brands properly balance their silicone content so that buildup won’t occur. Silicones are film-forming, like many other effective ingredients in hair products, and having a very thin film of silicone on your hair does not cause damage… it prevents it.

A small layer of silicone on the hair will reduce friction, thus reducing damage during brushing. It will reduce the porosity of the hair, insulating moisture inside the hair shaft. And of course, they offer unsurpassed heat protection. When silicones are paired with low molecular weight conditioners, they work together to increase the strength of the hair.

When using extreme heat with hot tools such as flat irons and curling irons, the water inside the hair will actually boil (just like an oil that is heated up too much in the hair). Even if the hair does not feel wet, any kind of moisture inside the hair shaft will start forming tiny bubbles of steam. These little steam bubbles weaken the hair shaft and lead to breakage. So how do silicones help prevent this? Silicones have very low thermalconductivity, so the hair is prevented from being heated up too quickly and damaged.



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If you love to use hot tools, silicones are one of your greatest allies, along with a weekly deep conditioning treatment such as Kavella’s Recovery Mask to keep moisture locked in. Happy styling!